Boulder Junction, WI

About Us

Our Owners

Glenn & Judy Mastalski and Sarah & Rob Klemm are excited to take over ownership of Lake View Lodge.  After 20 plus years of vacationing in the Boulder Junction area, they are thrilled to finally have a place to call their own.

Glenn and Judy Mastalski are the proud parents of Sarah, Rachel, and Michael. They currently live in St. Charles, Illinois.

Sarah and Rob Klemm were married in July of 2011 and have two children - Kaylee and Jon.  They also have one dog - Cal - who absolutely loves coming up to the Lodge to swim in the Lake and chase the boats!  The currently live in St. Charles, Illinois.

The Mastalskis/Klemms immediately started to upgrade many amenities in the lodge including buying new furniture for throughout the lodge and upgrading the supplies in the kitchen including buying new dishes, utensils, and even cookingware!  In the fall of 2009 the basement bathroom was renovated and in the spring of 2012 a new roof was put on.  For further information on what the they have recently renovated to further your enjoyment at the lodge, please visit our 
New This Year page.  

We look forward to making your vacation the best it can be!

The Mastalski's & Klemm's